Golf is in the House – Introduction by Ravi Kahlon

MLA Ravi Kahlon Introduction of AGA-BC May 28, 2018

R. Kahlon: I have two sets of introductions to make. Firstly, we have the Allied Golf Association that was here today. We have Trevor Smith, who’s the president of the Allied Golf Association; Trisha Larsen, who’s the marketing director; Mike Whalen, who’s a director; Keith Lyall, who’s a director and the golf course superintendent of Sun Peaks; and Jerry Rousseau, who’s a director and executive director of the Western Canadian Turfgrass Association.
They hosted all the members of this House for a lunch today. We talked about the economic activity associated with golf. We talked about the 36,000 charity events that happen at golf courses around Canada. I really want to thank them, welcome them to the House today and also wish them — I guess a day early — National Golf Day celebrations. On behalf of the House, please make them welcome.

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday With Golf

“Help celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday by being one of 150,000 people taking part in 1.5 million ‘Golf Activities’ this summer!”

With Canada 150 celebrations happening in communities from coast-to-coast all year long, the Canadian golf industry has partnered with ParticipACTION in designating Sunday, May 28 as Get Out and Golf Day. Golf associations across the country are joining in the festivities inviting golfers of all ages, abilities and involvement levels to help celebrate the country’s 150th by taking part in virtually any activity related to golf on that day. The British Columbia Golf Association is taking this one step further by setting themselves a goal of having “150,000 British Columbians taking part in 1.5 million golf activities in 150 days”, with May 28 as the starting date.

In support of the BC Golf Association’s goal, and in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, we’d like to encourage all golfers – both new and old to the game – to get out and golf! Whether it’s playing a full round, hitting the driving range, taking a lesson or even just messing around at a mini-golf course, your golfing fun will count towards reaching the BC Golf Association’s goal.

Be a part of the celebrations and help achieve BC’s golfing goal: click here for full details and registration. Because the best way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday really is to just get out there and have a ball!