BC Legislature Golf Awareness Day A Huge Success

3rd Annual BC Legislature Golf Awareness Day

Members of the Allied Golf Association of BC invited members of the legislative assembly and their staff to the the 3rd annual Golf Awareness Day on April 28, 2015.  AGA-BC directors and industry representatives were on hand to showcase three pillars of the golf industry in British Columbia: economic benefits, environmental stewardship and health and wellness; and from all accounts, the information was very well received by everyone in attendance.

Trevor Smith - AGA-BC President. Photo: InsideGolf / Jeff Sutherland

Trevor Smith – AGA-BC President.
Photo: InsideGolf / Jeff Sutherland

“Our lobbying effort is paying dividends and we’re starting to see just how beneficial these relationships can be. Relaying messaging that our industry is a valuable part of the provincial economy, that we are good environmental stewards and that golf is a sport for life worth supporting, has been key to our success.” commented AGA-BC President, Trevor Smith

Throughout the day, the positive impact of the golf industry was shared with MLA’s and their staff. The Honorable Eric Foster (MLA for Vernon-Monashee) provided an introduction and presentation at the Legislature on the contribution of the golf industry to British Columbia early in the day. At the educational luncheon, representatives from the seven members associations including the National Golf Course Owners Association, Canadian Society of Club Managers, BC Golf Superintendents Association ,British Columbia Golf Association, the PGA of BC, Western Canadian Turfgrass Association, and the British Columbia Golf Marketing Alliance were all in attendance to showcase the variety of programs and initiatives underway within the golf industry.

Golf BC’s Andy Hedley spoke to the economic value of golf to the province delivering some very impressive numbers. “Golf is big business in BC, it employs more than 44,000 people and 43% of them are students,” said Hedley. “It contributes more than $2 billion to the BC economy and earns more than ski resorts, fitness centres, and spectator sports including the NHL. It also provides $465 million in taxes to the province.”

How Did We Score Ourselves

The Golf Industry Scorecard was presented to showcase successes (birdies) and opportunities (bogey) where the Province and industry can continue to work together.

AGA-BC- Scorecard-web-April 27, 2015

Educational programs such as the Western Canadian Turfgrass Association’s – First Green (thefirstgreen.org) were on display and well received by those in attendance. The following video produced by Kwantlen College from an event at the Vancouver Golf Club in 2014 was shown and started a number of discussions about how programs like this could be integrated into schools..

Feedback and Social Media Buzz

Photo opportunities were plentiful and many in attendance shared images and fact points about the industry.

Eric Foster & Naomi Yamamoto

Eric Foster & Naomi Yamamoto
Photo: InsideGolf / Jeff Sutherland


The Golf Awareness Day reaffirms that the golf industry is a valuable part of the provincial economy, that we are good environmental stewards and that golf is a sport for life worth supporting.




Golf is Big Business in Canada – $14.3 Billion to GDP!

Our National Allied Golf Association (NAGA) released the 2014 Economic Impact Study of Golf in Canada on Tuesday.  Highlights include:

  • $14.3 Billion to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), up from $12.2 Billion in 2008
  • 300,100 Jobs with as many as 37% of those as students.
  • $8.3 Billion in Household Income
  • $19.7 Billion in Spending from green fees to equipment and golf related travel.
  • $3.6 Billion in Taxes
  • $4.1 Billion in Golf Tourism within Canada

Golf’s economic impact in Canada is greater than all participation sports combined, and greater than all performing arts and spectator sports combined, including the NHL.

Allied Golf Association – BC President Trevor Smith comments ” We are very happy with the Economic Impact Study on Golf that has just been released by NAGA. On the surface the numbers seem relatively unchanged between 2008 and 2013.  In reality though, the Canadian and British Columbia Golf Industry have recovered from the downward spiral triggered with the Global Economic Crisis in 2008 and after affects thereof.  The new economic numbers bring us up to date with reality,  the impact golf has on the economy of Canada is undeniable and as well, solidifies our own provincial knowledge that golf in British Columbia plays a substantial economic role”.

Highlights of the British Columbia Golf Industry include:

  • $2.08 Billion toward British Columbia’s GDP (1.66 Billion in 2009)
  • 44,000 Jobs (47,000 in 2009)
  • $1.27 Billion in Household Income (1.14 Billion in 2009)
  • $465 Million in Taxes (437 Million in 2009)
  • 2nd largest contributor nationally to Ontario (3rd in 2009 to Ontario #1 & AB #2)

Smith continues: “The demonstrated strong economic position the Golf Industry both nationally and provincially assists in our advocacy efforts for the reversal of the Federal Government’ s position on golf-related client expenses in Canada, which have not been eligible for tax rebates since 1971; as well as provincial initiatives toward a delegated authority model, specialty license plates and increased profile and support of BC Golf Tourism through a provincial golf tourism strategy.  All in all a very favourable and insightful study!”