The AGA-BC Environmental Advocacy Committee’s purpose is

  •  to ensure the British Columbia Golf Industry is involved with all environmental issues facing golf
  •  to advise the AGA-BC Board on environmental issues.
  •  to communicate the British Columbia Golf Industry’s record of environmental achievement and position on related issues to government.

Environmental issues affecting the British Columbia Golf Industry include:

  • irrigation and the effective use of water resources
  • use of plant protection products
  • soil health
  • nutrient management
  •  water body protection and management protection of urban ecosystems and green space
  • storm-water management
  • providing wildlife habitat and migration corridors
  • and more.

Recent initiatives and progress of the Environmental Advocacy Committee as of November 2014 include:

  • Potential changes to the Water Sustainability Act” that will affect the cost of irrigation water by many golf courses
  • Continued Work with the BC Ministry of Environment
    • IPM Act amendments
    • Pesticide Applicator Certification
    • Perticide Use License
  • View the complete Environmental Advocacy Committee (EAC) update.

The first meeting of the AGA-BC Environmental Advocacy Committee took place in June 2013 and has been working hard on the British Columbia Golf Industry’s behalf ever since, including taking on the challenge of raising funds for this endeavor and the hiring of professional lobbyist to assist in relaying information to our provincial government and the public. By the end of summer 2013, $46,000 was raised through our association partners.

AGA-BC Environmental Advocacy Committee members include:
Keith Lyall (WCTA Past President) Committee Chair
Trevor Smith (WCTA and AGA-BC president)
Dean Piller (BCGSA President)
Stephen Kerbrat (BCGSA Vice President)
Greg Austin (BC Director, CGSA)
Tab Buckner (STA)
Jerry Rousseau (WCTA Executive Director)
On behalf of the entire committee, I would like to thank all those who contributed and please feel free to contact any one of our committee members if you have any questions or concerns.
Keith Lyall, Committee Chair