View AGA-BC's initiatives to promote the game of golf.

The Allied Golf Association – British Columbia is constantly looking at ways to create and/or join initiatives that seek to benefit the game of golf in the province as a whole. It is important to note that each representative organization at the Allied Golf Association of BC table comes from a different sector of the industry. As such, it is not always feasible to deliver an initiative that speaks to everyone’s needs. Understand that we are all working together to reach the common goal; growth of the game.

Our Key Successes and Initiatives include:

  • Unification of the BC Golf Industry
  • Revocation of Power Cart Licensing Requirements
  • Annual Golf Industry Symposium
  • BC Golf Marketing through the BCGMA (British Columbia Golf Marketing Alliance)
  • Eagle 1 Captive Hole in One Insurance
  • Pesticide and Taxation Regulations
  • Growing the Game