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Allied Golf Association of British Columbia

Release – January 27, 2020

A major rewrite to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Manual for Turfgrass Managers, originally a resource produced in partnership between the Western Canada Turfgrass Association and the BC Ministry of Agriculture in the early 2000’s and last updated in 2009, is complete.

Funded by a $35,000 grant from the BC Ministry of Environment, work began in the fall of 2016 after an RFP for the rewrite was circulated in October 2015.  CropHealth Advising and Research, Mario Lanthier Principal, was awarded the contract to produce this free, online resource, the creation of which is being steered by the BC Allied Golf Association’s ‘Environmental Advocacy Committee’.

The manual has taken much longer to produce than anticipated.  AGA-BC President Trevor Smith stated, “A lot more work went into this resource than was expected, for example, 39 site visits took place late in 2016 to gather information and take photos.  That was 19 more than we asked for.”  Smith added, “The author was given plenty of latitude to produce the best IPM resource for turf management in existence and it certainly will be worth the wait.”

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